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Status/Prices: LIST FULL (Offline)

Our house has been forclosed, and we had no notice. I will be busy cleaning and packing, but I don't know where we'll be going. If you can spare anything at all, please help us with moving expenses so we wont be homeless, or spread this link around:
Thank you so much

Thanks for your patience!

RIP Naki, Peanut, Tabby and Oliver.

Thanks for the patience, as always!

Waiting for payment:

Completed today:

Currently working on:

Duchess' "thank you" picture - Large project Back to work!

Kippykins - Halfbody( or fullbody ) and DP - progress being made again

NekroRose - DP


imjustascarecrow - DP


These prices are just guidelines/lowest I'll go. They can adjust to the amount of work involved.

IMVU Display pictures: $10/$20 ( Example since pricing is specific for these. )

Fullbodies: $40-$60 depending on detail, for each character. ( Default $50 )

Halfbodies: $25-$35 each character, depending on detail. ( Default $30 )

Headshots: $10-$25 each character, depending on detail. ( Default $20 )

Backgrounds: $80+ depending on size and detail and what else is included. If there are any characters included, add the price of the fullbody/halfbody/etc to the background price. ( For example, if you want one fullbody character with a background, it'd be $50+$80 = $130 )

Anything not listed here, ask anyway and we can work something out. ^^

The prices can fluctuate with what you're asking, so I like to discuss pricing which everyone. ^^ These are just baselines to give you an idea of where it'll be.



Aug 24, 2016
8:38 am
Aug 23, 2016
5:57 pm
Aug 20, 2016
7:07 pm
Aug 17, 2016
12:50 pm
Aug 17, 2016
8:02 am
Thanks to a lot of really great friends, we were able to raise enough money to put a downpayment on a place we're happy with. It's being redone by a generous guy who buys and fixes up places, and he's been frequently talking to us about what we'd want and sending us pictures and everything. We're set to start moving on September first. My mom posted a thank you on the gofundme page, and I'll be taking it down soon since we don't need any more donations. Thank you for all the shares and every dime - everything counts in a situation like this and it certainly did this time too.

On another note, I'm still having computer trouble. It feels like it bluescreens every month no matter what I do: formatting, defragging, virus/malware scanning, everything. This time, I'm running it without my external and got rid of Skype again. For a second time, on a second computer now, Skype has caused it to be unresponsive, so I can no longer use it. If you're someone who talks to me on skype, I'm now using discord and Line, so if you want to continue communication with me, you'll have to get one of those. x___x
Sorry, but the moment I open it, it'll freeze my computer endlessly. It did this on my desktop too. It's also possible that it's causing the bluescreens, since it did that on my desktop as well.

Anyway, things should be looking up, the weather's getting cooler, hopefully my computer gets better, etc etc - oh, and No Man's Sky came out. @__@ +is a space explorer+ Somuchfun

Thanks again!


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
DO NOT USE ANNNYYYY OF MY ART ( except adoptables and commissions ) FOR ANY REASON. Everything is saved under a creative commons license, and I do not give permission for anything that I've drawn to be used for whatever use, personal or not. If you want to use my art for anything whatsoever, please ask me, and I will tell you yes or no. I do not permit anyone to take my art and use it for things like rping, tracing, repost, etc, unless its a commission you've bought. I'm very protective over my OCs; they're like my children. DO NOT TOUCH!

I'm a 25 year old FtM transgender. I stopped being super open about it for a while, but as I've gotten older, I care less about the ignorance of others. I would appreciate that everyone continue respecting the proper pronouns ( he, his, him ), thanks!

Other names I go by - maybe you've run into me before:
Meizicht, Ixelith, Adrexolai, Endraethyl, Jerixxa

My tumblr exists but I never update it. Dx

Commission Rules! ( UPDATE: 12/22/2015 )

There are responsibilities that come with being a customer!

You must have Paypal! I only take payments via Paypal! When paying, send as "friends and family" or else I'll have to eat the fee - ALSO BE SURE TO SELECT "NO ADDRESS NEEDED" or else Paypal will expect me to send proof of a physical package! DO NOT SEND MONEY UNTIL I'VE SENT THE WATERMARKED VERSION - unless there are reasons to why you need to pay early; I do this to avoid trust issues and pressure!

1. CHECK NOTES FREQUENTLY! When you ask for a commission from me, check your notes at least every other day if possible. If you give me a legitimate reason, such as no internet, irl problems, dead computer, common sense like this, I will understand. However, you cannot just disregard the responsibility whenever you wish. I should not have SOMEONE ELSE have to come get you after weeks of hassle. If you can sign into other things, you can take five minutes to look at your notes and give a response.

2. CHECK MY FRONT PAGE STATUS BOX AND JOURNAL! My status box shows what I'm working on and what is next. It also explains any delays. This way you do not have to ask me what I'm working on or what's happening.

3. AFTER RECEIVING, PAY FOR IT! This should be common sense! Do not have me waste time on a commission, making paying customers wait, for nothing. It is not fair to them nor myself.

4. HAVE THE MONEY READY! While I'm patient, due to recent circumstances, I can't wait for a long time, because I need to pay bills. So please have it ready to send when I give you the un-watermarked version! If you have to save the money in your bank or paypal, that is your responsibility. It's just like ordering stuff from Amazon or going to buy something from a store. You can't receive your stuff and then pay later.

5.PLEASE KEEP YOUR CONTACT DRAMA-FREE! I am by no means part of your personal lives. In light of recent events, I do not want to be dragged into any unpleasant drama you may be experiencing; when you're ordering commissions, you're ordering commissions. I'm alright with becoming friends, having conversations, but treating me nastily, dragging drama into business, I will not tolerate. I will always keep it professional and so should you.
To prevent misunderstandings: Again, I am all for creating new friendships, so don't hesitate to establish conversations with me outside of the commission realm. However, when it comes to business, it is business. Please separate the two.

6. IF YOU ORDER, YOU CAN CANCEL, NOBODY ELSE. Again, you have a responsibility as a customer. If you order from me, YOU YOURSELF must cancel if you wish to. Not someone else. This is BUSINESS. NOT HIGHSCHOOL ( no "he said, she said" please! )! Exceptions: If you are under the age of 18, your parents may cancel with or without your consent.
REASON: If I were to let any random person cancel orders in your place, and you didn't give consent, it could cause something ugly and I'd rather not do that. This is clean-cut, and should have been understood already. It is also the internet; I don't know if someone claiming to be somebody is really who they say they are, so I DO NOT want any more middleman-type lines of contact. This has already happened way too many times.

7.HAVE PATIENCE, though this I have not had a problem with yet. Most of you have been great customers, even friends, and I appreciate all of you. ^^

8.DO NOT RESELL. DO NOT STEAL. DO NOT EDIT. Wow I thought this was obvious. But here I am spelling it out. If you see one of my works floating around edited and they don't match what's posted publicly on THIS DEVIANTART ACCOUNT, then it is NOT LEGITIMATE. Please report these if you see them. Thank you.

If you break these rules, one or many, you will be blacklisted and the unclaimed commissions will be sold to someone else. Of course there are exceptions, what with legitimate reasons which can be worked out, but use some common sense.

Things to include in the note when asking for a commission:

1. References: Pictures, descriptions, screenshots. Details like height difference for couples, personality, scars, markings, tattoos, bust size ( for female characters ), body type, any specific stuff you want included. The more detail you tell me, the more accurate it'll be.

2. What kind of commission you want. DP, headshot, halfbody, etc. Be sure you know what you want and what you're willing to pay.

3. Be ready to negotiate price. My prices aren't solid end-all, be-all. Depending on work and detail, the price can and will be adjusted to fit.

Things I DO NOT draw:

1. Hentai/porn.

2. Anything that makes me uncomfortable. Whether that has to do with my own morals or my current drawing ability, I'll be sure to talk it out with you if it comes up. ( Animals/furry stuff is one of the areas I like to stay off of, both because I'm not strong at animals, and because I'm not personally into the furry thing. No judgement here, I just prefer not to draw it, because I don't enjoy it. )

3. Situations that display subjects such as rape, any kind of abuse, drugs, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, hate crimes, and so on. Use common sense on this one.

4. Fanart - ( like characters from a licensed anime, book, comic, manga, or any other form of entertainment ) this has to do with copyright. I'd just rather stay away from it.

I reserve the right to add and/or change rules at any time.

Thanks for your continued support! I hope to have more pleasant experiences from now on! ( Just to be clear, no one person did all of these things. I've experienced all of these things though, and to prevent more from happening, they're listed here. )


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